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Resident Evil 6 Coming Soon!

Resident Evil 6 is due to come out in less than a week!  October 2, 2012 so mark your calendars and make sure to get your pre-orders for this end of the year must have game.  Whether you have followed the Resident Evil saga from the beginning or want to jump in now, this new installment to the franchise will bring everything together for you.  To find out more on Resident Evil 6 check out our news updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Mists of Pandaria Live!

09/26/2012 19:08
World of Warcraft's latest installment Mists of Pandaria was released yesterday and already there are level 90 toons running around.  Now there was word that in the EU server realms there was a bug in the game that allowed one to power level to 90 without much time needed (about an hour or...

World of Pandaria: Mists of Pandaria Midnight Release

09/24/2012 10:13
  Today is the day all gamers are preparing and resting to get their hands on WoW: MoP!  At midnight tomorrow morning all hardcore wow gamers will be waiting in line for their own copy of the latest expansion.  When servers go live it will be a race to see who gets the bragging...

Theramore's Fall is finally live!

09/19/2012 14:09
Theramore's Fall, first in line of the new Scenarios coming to World of Warcraft, is already live and kicking!  Theramore's Fall is an ever-changing event that is available to all players who are level 85 who have an average item level of 353.  The duration on this Scenario is only from...

Borderlands 2 Just A Few Days Away

09/16/2012 10:31
The sequel to the popular Borderlands is coming out in just a few days!  Everyone get ready to shoot n' loot your way to greatness.  This game offers the same gameplay we have come to love from the first installment but with a few needed tweaks.  This game's future is looking very...
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