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Resident Evil 6 Coming Soon!

Resident Evil 6 is due to come out in less than a week!  October 2, 2012 so mark your calendars and make sure to get your pre-orders for this end of the year must have game.  Whether you have followed the Resident Evil saga from the beginning or want to jump in now, this new installment to the franchise will bring everything together for you.  To find out more on Resident Evil 6 check out our news updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Collector's Edition

09/13/2012 20:11
There is no doubt in our minds here at Nerd-Rage that when CoD:Black Ops 2 is released people are going to go crazy pulling multiple all nighters!  The game's new futuristic look has blogs and forums blowing up with all kinds of opinions.  Whether you like the changes or not there is...

Far Cry 3

09/12/2012 21:38
Far Cry 3 is going to be released December 4, 2012.  The game takes you into a beautiful tropical island where dangers lurk throughout the whole jungle.  You play as Jason Brody  who is a normal guy who is put into a crazy situation when going on a vacation.  Jason isn't some...

iPhone 5 Video!

09/12/2012 16:54
The iPhone 5 comes out soon and there is one video that would turn any skeptics in to believers.  Check out the latest stores near you and ask about any possible upgrades, trade, or anything you could possibly do to get your hands on the iPhone 5!  You are not going to want to miss out...

Guild Wars 2 Topping Charts

09/11/2012 20:24
ArenaNet and NCsoft have both announced Guild Wars 2 has hit number one in sales across Europe.  Released August 28, 2012, GW2 is reigning at the top in the official charts of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.  President of...
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