Borderlands 2 Just A Few Days Away

09/16/2012 10:31

The sequel to the popular Borderlands is coming out in just a few days!  Everyone get ready to shoot n' loot your way to greatness.  This game offers the same gameplay we have come to love from the first installment but with a few needed tweaks.  This game's future is looking very nice with all the new guns, mods, ammo types, and character skins.  The storyline has you pwning NPCs from start to finish and to hell with anyone who even looks at you funny.  The game offers so many different ways to completely obliterate your foes that the challenge isn't so much in trying to kill the baddies, its how to kill them.  You will, like in the first game, be able to pick from one of four classes each with their own special abilities and look.  The different classes still bring the old mechanics of the first one but make your characters abilities even more useful while playing with others.  The storyline is a continuation from where the first one ended off in Pandora.  With all the new challenges, prizes, awesome combat, and multiplayer components Borderlands 2 is going to be a great game to sit down and play either by yourself or with friends to bring more challenging situations.  Anyone who loves a good shoot 'em up game should definitely play this game.  Also for anyone who was a hardcore Borderlands fan then you must check out the Boderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest.  Good luck getting your hands on it though becuase it has been sold out at most Gamestop locations.


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