Changes to Rogues MoP

09/10/2012 23:01

So I was curious to see what new changes have befallen the juggernaut of MMO games World of Warcraft. I had started leveling my rogue about two weeks before the patch 5.0.4 was released and wreaked havoc on all the classes and abilities.  So here I was excited to finally start leveling my rogue after about six months of just having him on my account doing nothing and I was powning noobs left and right at the lower levels like most other rogues.  I was as happy as could be when all of a sudden I realized that the patch would be comming out soon so I figured let me get my guy as far along as possible before the big changes. The patch day came and went as I was left with a rogue whom which I felt was still doing good in bg's for the time being. After hitting 85 I realized that with the new pvp resilience changes my rogue was hitting with what felt like pillows! I finally ended up getting all geared out with my cata pvp gear and kept practicing over and over and over...well you get the point. I tried a bunch of bg's, war game bgs, and war game arenas, but I after playing through all of it I felt that I was unsatisfied with rogues overall in all three different specs.  I hope when the game finally launches for the next expansion they try and even everything out a little more becuase my favorite spec sub rogue does very minimal damage outside of shadow dance against another cata geared pvp'er.


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