Far Cry 3

09/12/2012 21:38


Far Cry 3 is going to be released December 4, 2012.  The game takes you into a beautiful tropical island where dangers lurk throughout the whole jungle.  You play as Jason Brody  who is a normal guy who is put into a crazy situation when going on a vacation.  Jason isn't some kind of super soldier that can take on a whole militia at once and come out with a couple of scrapes and bruises.  


In this game you have to learn how to become a bonified badass and have your wits about you.  Learning to use the environment to your advantage will save your life in this game.  You can even unleash tigers to do your dirty work and kill the baddies, but then you have to deal with the king of the jungle yourself.  The game has an open world nature that looks gorgeous and serves a purpose to entice players to go and collect new shiny toys or to go and save your friends from whatever troubles they get in to.


As the player you get to dictate how the story unfolds, from choosing your enemies and allies.  Sneaking can be more effective than just going head on to face off against a tiny militia standing in your way to the objective, but we all know that going in to a battle guns ablaze blowing crap up is way more fun.  Regardless how you choose to play you are going to need more than luck to get through this game.  The question is will your mind be the same afterwards...


Image above from www.webpronews.com/far-cry-3-release-date-pushed-back-to-december-2012-06