MMO Games

09/11/2012 11:06

So I was getting bored with the same old MMO games like "World of Warcraft", "Guild Wars 2", and "Rift".  I guess once you have been out for a while and have a few expansions under your belt or a few titles you just try and reinvent your games.  Trying to add more expansions won't help the game if it is the same stale mechanics that people are already used to!  World of Warcraft revamped their whole talent tree system, Guild Wars 2 took out roles that made mmo games fun to play like the tanks and healers (so now anyone can deal damage and heal themselves), and Rift is coming out with a new expansion which still has the same gameplay with a new questline.  Star Wars the Old Republic tried to get me to pay $15 to renew my subscription and had ads everywhere trying to promote the game, but with all the hype about them going FTP (Free to Play) later this Fall why would any newcomers to the game even want to sign up until they feel they are in to the game so deep that the only thing left to do is play all the stuff you need the subscription for.  I love mmo games and am curious to see just how the mmo juggernauts will hold up and for how long.  If only there would be a game to dethrone the reigning champ World of Warcraft...a person can only dream.

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