Resident Evil 6 3 DLC Modes

09/11/2012 15:51

Resident Evil 6 is getting three new gameplay modes coming to RE:6! 

1. Survivor Mode-Will allow players to respawn as enemies when they are killed in combat and will be able to attack humans.

2. Predator Mode-The game will choose one player to be the Ustanak, which is a super badass B.O.W. that the other players have to kill. You can either choose to kill the Ustanak before the timer runs out or just survive and try to not get owned by the "tank".

3. Siege Mode-Consists of two teams, one human and one enemy, and one NPC (non-playable character).  The enemy teams task is to simply try and kill the humans, while the humans task is to protect the NPC until the game ends. (Feels like meatflag from Gears 2 minus the shotgun weilding NPC)


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