Theramore's Fall is Finally Live!

09/19/2012 14:09


Theramore's Fall, first in line of the new Scenarios coming to World of Warcraft, is already live and kicking!  Theramore's Fall is an ever-changing event that is available to all players who are level 85 who have an average item level of 353.  The duration on this Scenario is only from September 17-24 giving you a taste of the type of changes expected when the real game goes live in 6 days.  The Scenarios are meant for 3 players, so get some friends together for a wild time or pug it with 2 other players that will be assigned to you.  Blizzard is also giving out 7 days free for returning gamers so make sure to jump on that offer and test out the new mechanics introduced with patch 5.0.4 and have fun!  To read up on everything World of Warcraft related make sure to visit their website at World of Warcraft.