Wii U Launch Event

09/11/2012 02:08


Nintendo is hosting their Wii U launch event this Thursday September 13 @ 10:00am ET for North America.  The presentation will be made by Reggie Fils-Aime in New York City to unravel all the mysteries that have shrouded the Wii U since its debut.  Many topics are floating around the web in regards to what, when, and how much.  

Hot Topics:

1. What will the Wii U price tag look like?

2. Will the launch of the Wii U make it this year or will we have to wait until 2013?

3. What games will Nintendo be announcing if any at all?

4. What are the new online features that it will bring to the Nintendo line-up?

5. Is this a Wii attachment or a whole new console?