World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Midnight Release

09/24/2012 10:13

Today is the day all gamers are preparing and resting to get their hands on WoW: MoP!  At midnight tomorrow morning all hardcore wow gamers will be waiting in line for their own copy of the latest expansion.  When servers go live it will be a race to see who gets the bragging rights to realm firsts!  Many online players have been talking about training to stay awake for multiple hours and grinding to get used to the gap between level 85 and 90.  The gap in experience between 85 and 90 is said to be over 115 million!  Power to those gamers brave enough to play through to level 90 and get the realm first.  Another challenge will be to get to level 600 and reach the "Zen Master" ranking in all of your professions!  With all the amazing things that you guys can do in this game there is no doubt that there are a ton of hours of gameplay that will keep you deeply immersed in the game.  The following is a list of prices for the different versions of the game:

1. Box Edition - $39.99 (Standard)

2. Collector's Edition - $79.99 (Rare)

3. Digital Download - $39.99 (Standard Online)

4. Digital Deluxe Edition - $59.99 (Rare Online)


Don't forget to check out the Black Market Auction House for those special things that NPC's don't normally sell, but beware those on PVP realms as there is no sanctuary there.  All scenarios will only be available at level 90 after the game goes live, and the PTR will close as well so make sure to get a stab at "Theramore's Fall".  With all the new challenge modes, raid bosses, amazing new world to explore, and stat changes World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is sure to keep the MMO juggernaut at the top for a few more years to come!  Enjoy the game and be safe while you go to the midnight release to get your hands on the legendary game by Blizzard.